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Custom Solutions Bulletin 038

Application #040240

Industry:   Aerospace

Application:   Area Misting

Product Description:   Special XA Manifold

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Situation:   A BETE customer was designing an "Icing Wind Tunnel" to study the effects of droplet size and droplet density on the formation of ice build-up on airplane wings. Drop size and water flow rate had to be independently variable covering 15-70um and 0.47-1.58gpm. Even coverage was required, and an "aerodynamic shape" would be desirable.

Special XA Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle Manifold

BETE's Solution:   Due to the requirement for independent variability of flow and drop size, an Air Atomizing Misting nozzle was the obvious choice. When the customer expressed an interest in a controls system to regulate the nozzles, BETE Technical Services provided a quote for the design and fabrication, which was accepted. The final solution included 5 XAAD250 setups in a custom manifold made from a solid piece of gun-drilled bar stock to provide low wind resistance and ease of fabrication.

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