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Custom Solutions Bulletin 021

Application #050937

Industry:   Petroleum Processing

Application:   Material Injection

Product Description:   Wall-mount adaptor for PJ nozzle

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Situation:   A BETE customer had an application where they wanted to inject an additive into a hydrocarbon stream. The nozzle of choice was a PJ12 because it had the required flow rate and met their droplet size criteria. They wanted to get a wall-mounted version to make the installation as easy as possible. The problem was that because of the way the PJ nozzle is manufactured, it is not feasible to make a wall-mounted PJ.

Wall Mounted PJ Nozzle

BETE's Solution:   BETE Applications Engineers came up with the idea of making a special wall-mount adaptor that would allow not only the PJ nozzle to become a wall-mounted nozzle, but would also allow any other ¼ inch nozzle to be turned into a wall-mount nozzle. The outside ¾ inch NPT thread allowed the adapter to seal without the need for a gasket. The supply thread was ¼ inch female NPT. Once installed, the nozzles worked perfectly and the customer's process was back online in very little time.

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