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Custom Solutions Bulletin 033

Application #051676

Industry:   Chemical Processing

Application:   Tank Washing

Product Description:   Tank washing lance with custom connections

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Situation:   A BETE customer needed to wash 48" diameter x 56" tall tanks and wanted to be able to quickly move his tank washing apparatus from one tank to the next. The tanks had 2" "Tri-clamp" connections for washing apparatus insertion and the customer's water supply lines had "Tomco" quick connections.


BETE's Solution:   BETE Applications Engineers sized the nozzle to the tank, selecting the RTW21, and found sources for the non-standard connections. BETE Design Engineers developed adapters where needed to incorporate the connections into the lance. The finished product provided one stop shopping for a uniquely specialized product.

To discuss your fluid-related challenge, please contact BETE Applications Engineering at 413-772-0846 or appeng@bete.com.

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