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30' XAFF Lance

Custom Solutions Bulletin 056

Application #061575

Industry:   Steel

Application:   Coating

Product Description:   30' XAFF Lance

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Situation:   A manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders contacted BETE Applications Engineering with an application involving coating the inside of centrifugal casting molds with mold release. The length of the molds presented the biggest challenge. The longest mold measured 30' (9.1m) and had a 30" (762mm) inside diameter. They needed a fine spray with even distribution so the coating would be even and the mold release would serve its intended purpose.

BETE's Solution:   The best nozzle series to use in this case was the XA. The XA series offers superior spray atomization and flexibility with respect to spray pattern, flow rate and hardware configuration. Experimentation proved that the XAFF050, with its deflected Flat Fan, provided the desired coating performance. BETE designed a 30' (9.1m) lance with two parallel ¼" pieces of Schedule 80 pipe feeding the XA05FF050 nozzle. The 05 body style has parallel inlets that allow the lance to both be inserted into and reach the full length of the mold.

30' XAFF Lance

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