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Ground-mounted Pop-up Nozzle

Custom Solutions Bulletin 090

Application #071335

Industry:   Marine

Application:   Aircraft Washing

Product Description:   Ground-mounted Pop-up Nozzles

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Situation:   A BETE customer had a special request for a pop-up nozzle holder, which was to be cast into concrete, so that when retracted it would be perfectly flush with the ground. These nozzles were to be part of a small airplane or helicopter wash down system. The plane would park over the nozzles, and when the spray came on, the nozzles would come out of the ground and completely wet the plane.

Ground-mounted Pop-up Nozzle

The customer had original drawings that were the basis for the design. However, from being photocopied many times, the drawings were lacking the detail required for a complete design. The customer preferred that the delivered product be as similar to the originals as possible, to avoid having to approve a new product.

BETE's Solution:   BETE Applications Engineers filled in the gaps in the existing design, and were able to offer a product that performed to all the requirements. This holder is able to accept almost any 3/8" NPT nozzle. Shown is a TF12FCN spraying.

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