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Rainwater Distribution

Custom Solutions Bulletin 088

Application #080364

Industry:   Waste Water Disposal

Application:   Rainwater Distribution

Product Description:   ½" TFXPN

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Situation:   Rainwater collects on the roofs of buildings during storms. This collection of water is undesirable because it adds extra weight to the building, which result in extra stresses on its support structure. The goal is to remove the rainwater without the use of a pump and distribute it over a large area to avoid flooding.


BETE's Solution:   The BETE TFXP series provides a good combination of drop size, flow rate, and clog resistance. By creating some smaller droplets, a small amount of the water will evaporate. The minimum operating pressure for the TFXP is 10 psi (0.68 bar) or 23.1 feet (7 meters) of water. The nozzle would be at a minimum of 23 feet below the reservoir.

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