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BETE L Gas Cooling Nozzle

Custom Solutions Bulletin 094

Application #080913

Industry:   Power Generation Systems

Application:   Gas Cooling

Product Description:   ¼" Wall-mount L and WL nozzles

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BETE WL Gas Cooling Nozzle

Situation:   A BETE customer was interested in two different types of nozzles in order to create two different drop size distributions for a gas quenching process. The nozzles also needed to be fitted with a wall mount thread so they could be attached to the wall of the duct. The wall mount threads on the duct were added on to the wall instead of threading the wall itself, which meant that the nozzles also required an extension to place the spray pattern into the gas flow without any obstructions.

BETE's Solution:   The BETE L and WL series were used for the small and medium drop size distributions, respectively. The extended length of the nozzles allows for the tip to be in the gas stream. These set-ups are much like the larger lance assemblies fabricated by BETE but the inlet and process flanges are replaced by NPT threads. The L nozzle is a two-piece design where the WL nozzle is one piece.

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