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Custom Solutions Bulletin 058

Application #061734

Industry:   Petroleum

Application:   Gas Cooling

Product Description:   Special Adapter

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Situation:   A BETE customer in the petroleum industry was in a bind due to the dimensions of existing TF lances used to quench high temperature, highly corrosive gas. They had retrofitted the lance to accept 3/8"TF14FC nozzles using stock bushings. During a shutdown, they realized that they needed to add 2.5 more inches to the length of the lances in order for the spray to reach the target area. This would require a special adapter; designed specifically to their dimensions, made of Inconel 600, and shipped within 3 business days.

BETE's Solution:   BETE saw this as an opportunity to help one of their highly valued customers out of a jam. Several departments worked simultaneously to ensure the customer would receive the special adapter on time. Applications and Design Engineering worked on the design while the correct material was being ordered for overnight delivery and Production Control prepared for the expedited order. The parts shipped out on time, providing the customer with a now serviceable lance.

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