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Approvals and Certifications

BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading spray nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures
the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles

Application Intake Sheets

Absorption Nozzles
Additives Nozzles
Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles
Air Blow Off Nozzles
Air Conditioning Nozzles
Air Cooling Nozzles
Air & Steam Nozzles
Blow-off Nozzles
Bottle Washing Nozzles
Car Wash Nozzles
Clean In Place (CIP) Nozzles
Clog Resistant Nozzles

Coating Nozzles:
    Conveyor Coating Nozzles
    Food Coating Nozzles
    Mold Coating Nozzles

Concrete Curing Nozzles

Cooling Nozzles:
    Deluge Nozzles
    Evaporative Nozzles
    Parts Nozzles
    Pond Nozzles

Corrosion Resistant Nozzles
Debarking Nozzles
Deluge Wash Nozzles
Disposal: Evaporative Nozzles
Distribution/Mixing Nozzles
Drum Washing Nozzles
Drying Nozzles

Dust Control Nozzles:

    Air Handling Ducts Nozzles
    Area Dust Control Nozzles
    Conveyor Dust Control Nozzles
Etching: Circuit Board Nozzles
EZ Change/ ¼ Turn Nozzles

Fire Protection Nozzles:
    Deluge Nozzles
    Water Mist Systems
    Marine Nozzles
    Special Nozzles
    Toxic Gas Mitigation
    Water Wall Nozzles

Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Nozzles:
    Absorber Nozzles
    Emergency Quench Nozzles
    Marine Scrubbing Nozzles
    Mist Eliminator Wash Nozzles

Foam Control Nozzles
Fog Nozzles
Food Processing Nozzles
Gas Cooling Nozzles
Gas Quenching Nozzles
Gas Scrubbing Nozzles
Humidification Nozzles
Large Free Passage Nozzles
Lubrication Nozzles

Material Injection Nozzles
    Scavenger Injection Nozzles
    Wash Water Injection Nozzles

Mist Eliminator Washing Nozzles
Misting Nozzles
Mixing Nozzles
Mixing Eductor Nozzles
Moistening Nozzles
Odor Control Nozzles
Packing Spray Nozzles
Pollution Control Nozzles
Pulp Bleaching Nozzles
Quenching Nozzles
Quick Disconnect Nozzles
Roll Cooling Nozzles

Scrubbing Nozzles:
    Aeration Nozzles
    Conditioning Nozzles
    Direct Contact Nozzles
    Dry Scrubbing Nozzles
    Packed Scrubber Nozzles
SCR/SNCR: NOx Scrubbing Nozzles
    Venturi Scrubbing Nozzles

Self Cleaning Nozzles/Showers
Snow Making Nozzles
Spray Drying Nozzles
Street Flushing & Cleaning Nozzles
Tank Washing Nozzles
Two Phase Fluid Nozzles
Vacuum Distillation Nozzles

Washing Nozzles:
    Conveyor Washing
    Intermittent Washing
    Parts Washing
    Tank Washing Nozzles

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