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Clean in Place (CIP) Tank Washing Nozzles

Stationary bottle, drum, and tank washing nozzles

Clean-in-place (CIP) Tank Washing Nozzles for clean-in-place (CIP) tank washing systems are designed to stay installed inside the vessel/system during the entire process. CIP systems reduce maintenance time by eliminating the need to detach and re-attach the cleaning nozzles for each run.

Nozzles used in CIP systems must be durable enough to withstand exposure to process conditions including high temperatures, chemicals, or being submerged in the process fluid. BETE offers nozzles suitable for many types of CIP systems, and our engineers have decades of experience in recommending the correct nozzle for custom solutions worldwide.

Common Designs and Specifications:

Selecting a CIP Tank Washing Nozzle: Common CIP Tank Washing Nozzle Uses:

Typical operating conditions for this application are listed for each nozzle

25-40 psi
1.5-3 bar
79 - 112 gpm
279 - 442 L/min

HydroWhirl® Orbitor
HydroWhirl Orbitor Tank Cleaning Machine
45 - 145 psi
3 - 10 bar
21.5 - 160 gpm
80 - 600 L/min
180° and 360°

HydroWhirl® Poseidon®
HydroWhirl Poseidon Tank Washing Nozzle
10-60 psi
0.7-4 bar
11.6-70.7 gpm
44-263 L/min

HydroWhirl® S

HydroWhirl S Tank Washing Nozzles

10-60 psi
3.72-89.7 gpm


TW Tank Washing Nozzles
30-60 psi
2-4 bar
5.2-63.0 gpm
19.3-232 L/min
Very Compact



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