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Custom Spray Nozzle Solutions

Innovative Spray Nozzle Design is a BETE hallmark. We are proud that over 60% of our nozzles we ship are customized to meet your needs.

CSB Industry Application Custom Nozzle Solution
  038 Aerospace Area Misting Special XA Manifold
  097 Agriculture/Food Processing Dust Suppression 3/8" TF8FCN
  044 Agriculture Rain Garden Rain Garden Layout with WL nozzles
  046 Agriculture Mixing Miniature eductor nozzle with weld prep
  009 Automotive Injection of Water into Engine Manifold Wall-mounted L Nozzle
New!   Chemical Processing Tank Washing HydroWhirl Orbitor
  099 Chemical Processing Deluge Cooling 3/4" MaxiPass 343M
  059 Chemical Processing Material Injection Full Cone, Modified XAAD Air Cap
  060 Chemical Processing Toluene Injection Special XA Lance Assembly
  033 Chemical Processing Tank Washing Tank washing lance with custom connections
  035 Chemical Processing Area Distribution Distribution Design
  027 Chemical Processing SO2 Scrubbing Special High Flow NCK
  030 Chemical Processing Tank Washing Extra-large tank washing assembly
  022 Chemical Processing Deluge Wash Tantalum CLUMP
  043 Chemical Processing Tank Washing Special Kynar LEM 8
  050 Chemical Processing Low Flow Material Injection Special XA Fluid Cap 14
  055 Chemical Processing Material Injection Wall Mount WL in PTFE
  062 Chemical Processing Tank Washing Chemical-resistant Tank Wash Nozzle
  063 Chemical Processing Area Distribution MaxiPass Nozzles for Distillation Column Distribution
  076 Chemical Processing Cool and Remove Plastic Pellets from Cutter 1/8" NF 06-65 in Stainless Steel
  082 Chemical Processing Material Injection/Mixing 1" SpiralAir 310-F-10
  107 Chemical Processing Gas Cooling Custom XAPR Spray Lance Design
  092 Coal Dust Suppression 3/8" TF in 316 SS
  057 Construction High Pressure Shaft Wall Wash Ring Special 2" Nozzle Tube Assembly
  028 Electric Utilities Dust Control Right angle adapter for XA Extension
  054 Electric Utilities High Pressure Flue Gas Quench/Dust Control 4" FLTF 160 FFCN with 4" 900lb Nickel Alloy C22 Flange
  040 Entertainment Fire Protection Special nozzle coating
  011 Entertainment - Theme Parks Special Effects - Fogging RTW with modified bearings
  061 Ethanol Material Injection Large Scale SpiralAir-type Nozzle
  079 Fire Protection Fire Hydrant Wash Station 3/4" NCK Nozzles
  089 Fire Protection Roof-mounted Sprinkler System 3/4" TF32-150
  110 Food Processing Moistening Dough 1/8" XAPF 050B
  111 Food Processing Cooling Tunnels Right-angle TF Spiral Nozzle (TFRA)
  112 Food Processing Poaching Meat with Steam ½" WL Full Cone Whirl Nozzles
  113 Food Processing Pond Cooling TH Nozzles with Junction Boxes
  080 Food Processing Rapid Cooling Using Liquid Nitrogen 1/4" L 40 Nozzles in Stainless Steel
  070 Food Processing Area Misting Special Geometry P Nozzle
  071 Food Processing Cheese Mould Washing 1/4" NF Nozzles with Swivel Joints (SJ)
  064 Food Processing Tank Washing Special CLUMP with Increased Spray Range
  001 Food Processing High Impact Washing TW20-210
Spiral tank wash nozzle with back spray
  012 Food Processing Spray Drying BETE Twister - Twist & Dry (TD) Swirl Removal Tool
  008 Food Processing Spray Drying Knife-edge Twist & Dry (TD) Carrier
  053 Food Processing Tank Washing Special TW Lance with Sanitary Fittings
  068 Food Processing Area Misting XASR used for sanitizing spray
  077 Food Processing Spray Drying 3" SpiralAir 3101 Nozzle
  084 Food Processing Odor Control Scrubbing 4" TF 8 FCN Lance Assembly
  095 Food Processing Spray Drying Twist & Dry/TD-K
  032 Government Cryogenic Injection Lance assembly with right-angle TFXW
  051 Home Building Materials Coating Special PVC XA
  093 Manufacturing - Paint Tote Cleaning 3/4" HydroWhirl S40
  025 Manufacturing Paint Spraying Single fluid automatic shut-off adapter
  090 Marine Aircraft Washing Ground-mounted Pop-up Nozzles
  073 Marine Pollution Control Smoke Stack Gas Cooling 1/4" L40 Nozzle
  019 Marine - Shipbuilding Personnel Protection Blow-off cover for a spiral nozzle with a 170° spray angle
  091 Mining Dust Control Spray Nozzles for Dust Control
  039 Paper Material Injection Special connection SpiralAir®
  106 Petroleum Processing Sour Water Injection TF24XPN Retractable Spray Lance
  100 Petroleum Processing Mitigate HF in the Event of a Leak 3/8" TF20FCN
  081 Petroleum Fire Protection - Water Wall Wide Angle N Spiral Nozzle
  069 Petroleum Combustion Special 3/8" WL-1.8 60H
  066 Petroleum Light Cycle Oil (LCO) Quench Special MaxiPass Lance
  067 Petroleum Material Injection Cobalt Alloy 6 MaxiPass with 316SS Adapter
  101 Petrochemical Wash Water Injection TH, WTZ, Right Angle WL (RAWL)
  102 Petroleum Processing Mixing/Agitation 3" TurboMix 1500
  103 Petroleum Processing Injection Washing MaxiPass and WT nozzles
  104 Petroleum Processing HF Alkylation Nozzle Tubes
  105 Petroleum Processing Material Injection MaxiPass Lance with port for Temperature Sensor
  058 Petroleum Gas Cooling Gas Cooling Adaptor
  018 Petroleum Gas Cooling Retractable SpiralAir Lances
  041 Petroleum Deluge Fire Protection UL® Approved NCK
  006 Petroleum Wash Water into Gas Stream Special right angle MP
  026 Petroleum Processing Washing Half Pattern Plate Attachment
  023 Petroleum Processing Material Injection Special adapter
  015 Petroleum Processing Foam Control MaxiPass Nozzle Array
  021 Petroleum Processing Material Injection Wall-mount adaptor for PJ nozzle
  065 Petroleum Processing Material Injection Flanged TF Lance
  034 Pharmaceutical Spray Drying 1/4" XA with modified XAEF air cap to give a Full Cone pattern in an external mix nozzle
  049 Plastics Tank Washing Modified CLUMP
  029 Plastics Processing Tank Cleaning CLUMP with recessed nozzles
  083 Plating Parts Washing 1/4" NF10-90
  047 Pollution Control Venturi Scrubber Special 3" SpiralAir Lance
  037 Pollution Control Venturi Scrubber Large Capacity Flat Fan
  108 Power Gas Turbine Cooling PJ Misting Nozzles
  094 Power Generation Systems Gas Cooling ¼" Wall-mount L and WL nozzles
  048 Pulp & Paper Deluge Wash NCK Nozzle
  036 Pulp & Paper Gas Cooling Custom length wall mount NF and TF
  002 Pulp & Paper Washing Paper Straight stream PSR nozzles with extension tubes
  085 Refining Fluid Injection Custom Lance Fabrication
  086 Refining/Chemical Processing Oil Quench in Ethylene Process MaxiPass 1000N Lance
  031 Refining Other Scrubbing Custom Two Inch SPN
  072 Refining Alcohol Spray System Design 3/8" NT 1090 Nozzle Tube
  074 Research Effects of Ice on Wind Turbines 1/2" MaxiPass 250W, 2.5" SC50M, 4" SC180N
  098 Steel Quenching Flue Gas 1 1/2" SpiralAir 2301-B-10
  045 Steel Localized Weld Cooling Special Skew Angle NF
  056 Steel Coating 30' XAFF Lance
  024 Steel Gas Cooling Titanium lance with multiple Twist & Dry nozzles
  109 Utilities Aqueous Ammonia Injection for Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) SpiralAir with Protection Air Shroud
  075 Utilities Gas Cooling Special Two-tipped XA Body
  078 Utilities/Energy Washing Sea Nets 1/2" NF60-50
  052 Utilities Seawater Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Special 4" Flanged ST 161 XFCN
  016 Utilities Material Injection (Purify Lake Water) Special Flanged NCK Nozzle
  003 Utilities High Impact Washing Straight stream nozzle with high impact
  005 Utilities Air Blow-off MW Head style manifold with four WL 1/2-60s and three WL 3/4-60s
  007 Utilities Injecting Liquid Hydrocarbon into Gas Stream High turndown injector
  004 Utilities - Geothermal Power Plant Geothermal Steam Water Scrubbing Right angle lance with WL nozzles on custom manifold
  096 Wastewater Treatment Distribution onto Filter Media NC Series Full Cone Nozzles
  087 Wastewater Treatment High Impact Washing 1" NCS (Stubby) 1007M in 316 SS
  088 Wastewater Disposal Rainwater Distribution 1/2" TFXPN
  042 Waste Management Dry Scrubbing SpiralAir® with special 25° offset body to fit into custom geometry inlet
  017 Waste Management Material Injection Special Quick-disconnect Lance
  010 Waste Management Gas Scrubbing SpiralAir lance with quick-disconnects
New!   Wineries Tank Washing HydroClaw: a clog-free tank washing solution for wineries
  014 Wood Products Humidification of Cabinet Door Factory Special wide-angle air cap for XA series Air Atomizing nozzles

To discuss your fluid-related challenge, please contact BETE Applications Engineering at 413-772-0846 or appeng@bete.com.

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