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Air Drying Nozzles

Remove excess water after washing or rinsing

Accumulated water can be removed by air drying nozzles. The air stream physically moves water droplets and clears them off of a surface, while a spray of dry air also consumes water through evaporation. Blowing air is especially good at clearing a liquid off surfaces because it is effective on irregular surfaces and will not scratch or rub against the object being dried as other drying systems do.

Selecting an Air Drying Nozzle:

Nozzles that have a Flat Fan spray are ideal for air drying. BETE's FF series sprays at a deflected wide angle. The FINZ nozzle series has a high impact efficient air flow rate. BETE's NF nozzles spray Flat Fan patterns in a variety of widths and in dovetail options for uniformity. Our experienced engineers can determine which nozzle is best for your application.

Common Air Drying Nozzle Uses/Installations:

BETE has designed and manufactured nozzles suitable for drying food products before packaging, drying metal parts after washing, and drying recycled beer bottles after sterilization.

Typical operating conditions for this application are listed for each nozzle


40-60 psi
3-5 bar
0.2-50 scfm
0.3-90 Nm³/h

10-90 psi
0.7-6 bar
4.0-41.0 scfm
7-65 Nm³/h
Maximum operating pressure 100 psi

40-60 psi
3-5 bar
0.4-50 scfm
0.6-90 Nm³/h



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