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Etching: Circuit Board

Wash and rinse circuit boards and wafers

Circuit boards and electronic wafers for microchips are created using an etching process. The process starts with a thin board or wafer with a full copper coating on one side. An ink that is resistant to the chemical etcher (a photoresist) is printed onto the copper where the circuit pathways will be. The board is then sprayed with an etchant that dissolves the unprotected copper. After this step, the board is then sprayed again with another chemical that removes the ink with the result being a PCB with copper circuits where the ink was. As a final step, the board is washed to remove any remaining chemicals from the process. Nozzles can also be used to wash the circuit boards and silicon substrates before or after each step.

Selecting an Etching Nozzle:

BETE's WL series is great for etching. They are low flow Full Cone nozzles that can be manufactured out of PVC and CPVC to withstand the acids used in etching.

BETE has many Flat Fan nozzles that may also be applicable to etching processes. FF nozzles produce an extra wide Flat Fan spray in a durable, one-piece, clog resistant construction. SPN series nozzles have a deflected angle Flat Fan spray. NF nozzles spray Flat Fan patterns in a variety of widths and in dovetail options for uniformity. The standard materials used to make the nozzles are Brass, 303 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, PVC, and PTFE.

Our experienced engineers can determine which nozzle is best for your application.

Common Etching Nozzle Uses/Installations:

Electronic industries supplying printed circuit boards and electronic wafers.

Typical operating conditions for this application are listed for each nozzle

30-20 psi
0.2-1.5 bar
0.014-3.8 gpm
0.05-14 L/min

NF (S, D)
10-40 psi
0.7-3 bar
0.12-7 gpm
0.5-26.5 L/min

10-40 psi
0.7-3 bar
0.5-4 gpm
1.8-15 L/min

10-40 psi
0.7-3 bar
0.12-4 gpm
0.5-15.1 L/min



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