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Fire Protection: Water Mist Systems

Professionals are turning to fine water mist systems in lieu of environment-damaging Halon systems. Exceptionally fine water droplets are sprayed over the fire where they evaporate and displace the oxygen, extinguishing the fire. The low volume flow and high evaporation rate minimize water damage to sensitive equipment.

Download the BETE Fire Protection Brochure (PDF - 1.4MB)

BETE Nozzles for Fire Protection (PDF - 25 KB)

BETE nozzles for water mist systems are built to produce a finely atomized, low flow water spray to extinguish fire. Water mist nozzles are designed to smother fire rather than deluge it with water. The heat of the fire easily vaporizes the mist which both absorbs heat and displaces oxygen. Misting nozzles are ideal for protecting assets that would otherwise be destroyed by water damage in high flow deluge systems.

BETE is a global leader in fitting nozzles for fire protection systems, and our engineers have decades of experience in designing custom solutions for all applications.

Common Designs and Specifications:

Common Nozzle Types: Misting
Common Spray Patterns: Hollow cone, fog
Common Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel

Selecting a Water Deluge Nozzle:

BETE N series nozzles are UL/FM approved, carry Lloyd’s Register approval, and are NFPA15 compliant

Preferred BETE models: MicroWhirl, L, PJ, P, MicroWhirl Head

Important factors to consider: flow rate, droplet size, pressure

Our experienced engineers can help determine which nozzle is best for your application.

Due to liability issues and safety concerns, BETE is able to size nozzles for fire protection systems based on specified nozzle criteria (droplet size, coverage, etc.). BETE cannot design the fire protection system itself.

Common Water Deluge Nozzle Uses, Applications, and Industries:

Fire suppression in server rooms
Protecting water-sensitive electronics from fire damage while avoiding water corrosion

Typical operating conditions for this application are listed for each nozzle

3.0-80 psi
3-7 bar
0.22-17 gpm
1-4 L/min

100-3000 psi
7-200 bar
0.009-0.151 gpm
0.032-0.517 L/min

MicroWhirl Head
MicroWhirl Head
1000-3000 psi
70-300 bar
1.1-1.9 gpm
5.0-8.7 L/min

60-200 psi
4-14 bar
0.33-5.6 gpm
1.2-21 L/min

60-1000 psi
4-70 bar
0.014-1.40 gpm
0.05-5.34 L/min



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