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Food Industry

BETE products are used in all aspects of the food industry, ranging from large-scale raw foods processing to the application of the shell on little chocolate candies. Our spray nozzle designs incorporate food-grade materials, connectors and spray patterns to meet clean-in-place requirements. Spray Nozzles play a critical role in maintaining a clean, safe and bacteria-free environment. Smoke houses and meat packers, for example, have reduced maintenance costs and increased process throughput with the efficient application of BETE spray nozzles. We also make products for reliable tank washing, sanitizing, lubricating and spray drying during the packaging or bottling process.

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Pollution Control

Examples of pollution control processes in which BETE spray nozzles are used: FGD scrubbing, quenching, pre-scrubbing, absorption, packing and mist elimination.

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Fire Protection

BETE has become pre-eminent in supplying high performance spray nozzles for fixed fire protection on offshore drilling and production platforms, petroleum storage & transfer stations, as well as a wide variety of industrial and commercial installations. Working with individual companies and industry consortia, BETE's newest design innovations are rewriting the books on platform and wellhead protection, water curtains and the mitigation of toxic gas releases. Our spray nozzles are successful in helping our customers protect offshore platforms, storage tanks, hazardous loading areas, equipment bays, coal conveyors, fueling & vulcanizing cabinets, warehouses, munitions storage, personnel, evacuation muster areas, equipment and structures.

Download the BETE Fire Protection Brochure (PDF - 1.4MB)

Chemical Processing

Examples of chemical processing processes in which BETE spray nozzles are used: gas conditioning, humidification, drying kilns, curing rooms, electrostatic precipitators, distribution, mixing, distributing liquids on packing & horticultural beds, scrubbing gases, evaporating ponds, dust control, cooling flue gases & temperature sensitive equipment, pollution control and evaporative cooling.

Download the BETE Chemical Processing Brochure (PDF - 650KB)

Pulp & Papermaking

Examples of pulp and papermaking processes in which BETE spray nozzles are used: debarking, dust control, washing & moistening logs, pulp washing, pulp bleaching, foam control, white water, cleaning of wire & felts, humidification, heat recovery, odor control, air pollution control, cooling ponds and water pollution.

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Steel Industry

In the ferrous and non-ferrous producing and processing industries, spray nozzles are a critical part in the way product is made and equipment operates. From air pollution control in a blast furnace to applying the final coating on a coil of galvanized steel, spray nozzles perform a most critical function for the producer and their customer. Examples of steel industry processes in which BETE spray nozzles are used: coke making, pollution control, dust control at transfer plants, tar chasing, de-mist wash, quenching, wharf ice control, electrode oxide loss control, hood cooling, evaporative cooling, journal cooling, slab cooling, side strand cooling, flume scale removal and welder blow off, rust prevention, air wiping, strip drying, sealant application and aeration.

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Waste Management

BETE provides nozzles for a number of waste management and waste-to-energy applications. In wastewater and waste treatment, distribution nozzles are used for spraying liquid onto biofilters. If the biofilter uses forced air, the air often needs to be humidified with Misting nozzles. BETE nozzles are also used for foam control on aeration tanks.

In the waste-to-energy industry, BETE provides nozzles for dust control and fly ash treatment, as well as gas cooling and gas scrubbing. If the plant is near a populated area, odor control nozzles may be used.

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