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Spray odor neutralizing agents

Many industrial process involving organic compounds produce odors that are unpleasant and must be treated to make the work area acceptable. There are three categories of treatments that can be sprayed to control the odor: coverants, deodorants, and absorbents.

A coverant is a better-smelling substance sprayed to mask or hide the bad odor. A deodorant is sprayed into an odoriferous area or air stream to chemically change or break down the pungent molecules, effectively neutralizing them. Absorbent liquids, usually used in a foul smelling gas stream, actually absorb the bad odor into the sprayed liquid leaving the remaining air better smelling. Depending on the odor source, water can often be used as the absorbent liquid.

Misting, fogging, and atomizing nozzles work best for most applications due to their sprays containing very high levels of very small droplets. The smaller the droplets, the more surface area there is to compete with, react, or take in the odor to be controlled.

Selecting an Odor Control Nozzle:

BETE manufacturers and supplies many excellent Misting, fogging, and atomizing nozzles such as the SpiralAir, MicroWhirl, P series, and XA series.

SpiralAir are durable high flow nozzles with two phase Air Atomizing for the highest performance and efficiency of compressed air usage. They spray Flat Fan, narrow Full Cone, or wide Hollow Cone patterns. Lance assemblies are available. MicroWhirl are very low flow nozzles that spray a cone of mist at low pressure or a fog at high pressure, providing a range of exceptional atomization options.

P and PJ nozzles have a highly energy efficient cone spray and the finest fog of any direct pressure nozzle. XA series nozzles are low flow Air Atomizing sprayers with internal or external mix and many pattern and angle choices. Our experienced engineers can determine which nozzle is best for your application.

Common Odor Control Nozzle Uses / Installations:

Common installations are at waste water processing facilities and other facilities which process organic compounds.

Typical operating conditions for this application are listed for each nozzle

100-3000 psi
7-200 bar
0.009-0.151 gpm
0.032-0.517 L/min

40-500 psi
3-30 bar
0.2-8 gpm
0.7-30 L/min

100-2000 psi
7-150 bar
0.036-1 gpm
0.14-5 L/min

50-100 psi
3-7 bar
0.3-15 gpm
1.2-68 L/min
18-113 scfm
40-220 Nm³/h

40-100 psi
3-7 bar
0-50 gph
0-16 L/h



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