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Packed Scrubber Spray Nozzles

Distribute scrubbing liquor in scrubbers or water in humidifiers

BETE is a global leader in providing scrubber nozzle solutions for packing columns. In packed bed scrubbers, nozzles evenly spray scrubbing fluid onto the packing material creating a thin film of liquid on the packing. As the gas to be scrubbed passes upward through the packing material, it contacts the liquid film providing an opportunity for the chemical reaction to occur between the scrubbing liquid and the process gas.

Packing columns can vary widely in design, and BETE engineers have decades of experience in creating custom solutions for all types of packing applications.

Common Designs and Specifications:

Selecting a Packed Scrubber Nozzle: Common Packed Scrubber Nozzle Uses and Industries:

Typical operating conditions for this application are listed for each nozzle

0.5-10 psi
0.05-0.7 bar
0.5-115 gpm
2-435 L/min
Used in pairs
Lumpy Liquids

MaxiPass (MP)
3-20 psi
0.2-1.5 bar
1-510 gpm
4-1930 L/min
Lumpy Liquids

30-20 psi
0.2-1.5 bar
3-3500 gpm
11-13250 L/min
Plastic Nozzle

20-50 psi
0.3-1.5 bar
0.25-10 gpm
4-57 L/min



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