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Snow Making Nozzles

Make snow in cold environments

To extend and improve snow conditions, snow is often made by spraying water in a cold environment, growing a snow crystal, and then blowing the resulting snow where it is desired. The water sprayed from an atomizing nozzle creates a fog of tiny water droplets and these micro drops quickly freeze to form the nucleus of a snowflake.

Secondary nozzles are used to generate slightly larger water droplets that adhere and freeze to the nucleus created by the spray from the primary nozzle. These secondary nozzles do not need as fine an atomization. Throughout the entire process a blower pushes cold air past the nozzles in the snowmaking assembly and propels the snow out of the snow gun.

Selecting a Snowmaking Nozzle:

BETE’s XAAD is a proven snowmaking nucleator nozzle. It generates a very fine atomization which makes it perfect for Misting quick-freeze specks of water. Standard materials for its construction are nickel plated Brass, 303 Stainless Steel, and 316 Stainless Steel. Other XA nozzles, such as the XAPF (Flat Fan) and XAXW (extra wide), provide different spray patterns and droplet sizes than the XAAD (Hollow Cone).

To feed the snow nucleus more water, BETE’s NF and BJ nozzles are perfect; reliably providing more coarse atomization and uniform distribution.

Our experienced engineers can determine which nozzle is best for your application.

Common Snowmaking Nozzle Uses / Installations:

Snowmaking occurs commercially at ski mountains and indoor ski and snow resorts. The entertainment industry may also use snow making machines as part of movie production. There is also a large hobbyist community that makes and uses snow machines on a small scale.

Typical operating conditions for this application are listed for each nozzle

60-100 psi
4-7 bar
0.12-1.6 gpm
0.03-0.4 L/min

0.5-6 gpm
2-23 L/min
50-400 psi
3.5-28 bar

50-400 psi
3.5-27.6 bar
1.5-6 gpm
5.7-22.7 L/min

1-3 gph
0.06-0.19 L/h
3-10 scfm
5-17 Nm³/h
40-60 psi liquid
2.5-4 bar
60-80 psi air
4-5.5 bar


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