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BETE HydroWhirl Poseidon
BETE HydroWhirl Orbitor

Tank Washing Nozzles; Tank Cleaning, Drum Washing Nozzles, Bottle Washing Nozzles, CIP

Rinsing and solvent cleaning of tanks, drums and process equipment

Download the Bottle, Drum & Tank Washing brochure (PDF - 732KB)

Tank washing is an important job in many industrial applications, and can be time-consuming and expensive without the correct solution for the given application. BETE nozzles provide three different approaches to tank washing.

BETE engineers can help you determine which type of nozzle solution is best for your custom application.

In addition, BETE can recommend nozzles specifically suited for clean-in-place (CIP) tank washing systems. More information about CIP nozzle solutions.

Common Designs and Specifications: Selecting a Tank Washing Nozzle: Common Tank Washing Nozzle Uses, Applications, and Industries:

Typical operating conditions for this application are listed for each nozzle


CLUMP Tank Washing Nozzles
10-40 psi
0.7-3 bar
7.52-57 gpm
29-224 L/min

HydroWhirl Orbitor 100
HydroWhirl Orbitor 100
45-145 psi
3-10 bar
12-52.4 gpm
44.8-198 L/min

HydroWhirl® Orbitor
HydroWhirl Orbitor Tank Cleaning Machine
45-145 psi
3-10 bar
21.5-160 gpm
80-600 L/min
180° and 360°

HydroWhirl® Poseidon®
HydroWhirl Poseidon Tank Washing Nozzle
10-60 psi
0.7-4 bar
11.6-70.7 gpm
44-263 L/min

HydroWhirl® S

HydroWhirl S Tank Washing Nozzles
10-60 psi
0.7-4 bar
3.72-89.7 gpm


LEM Tank Washing Nozzles
10-80 psi
0.7-5.5 bar
8-140 gpm
30-530 L/min

TW Tank Washing Nozzles
10-80 psi
0.7-5.5 bar
3-72 gpm
11-273 L/min



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