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Additional PDFs available for download are at the bottom of this page.

  Spray Nozzle Catalogs
BETE 0713USA Catalog These catalogs have information on all of our stock items and include valuable engineering information. Product dimensions, spray angles patterns and flow rates are listed. Contain information about Hollow Cone nozzles, Full Cone nozzles, tank washing, spray drying, spray nozzle design, spraying system design, steel nozzle manufacturing and atomizing spray nozzles.

Click one of the following spray manual catalog titles to request a printed catalog:
Download the BETE 0713 Spray Nozzle Catalog (PDF - 5MB)
Download the 0813 English with Metric Units Nozzle Catalog (PDF - 5MB)

    Bottle, Drum & Tank Washing
Tank Washing Tank Cleaning Brochure New! If you require any type of washing or rinsing, our tank washing brochure will be extremely helpful. Dimensions, characteristic "throw" of spray and impact are included. Stationary and rotating nozzles are available.

Download the Bottle, Drum & Tank Washing brochure (PDF - 1MB)

Download the Bottle, Drum & Tank Washing brochure in SI/Metric measurements (PDF - 1MB)

  Chemical Processing
This manual helps you identify nozzles that are best suited to your processing needs including gas conditioning, humidification, distribution/mixing, pollution control and evaporative cooling.

Download the BETE Chemical Processing Brochure (PDF - 650KB)

    DUR O LOK®
This brochure has information on DUR O LOK pipe couplings. These couplings are lightweight, threadless, boltless coupling alternatives to heavy ANSI 150-2500 flanges. Product dimensions, ratings and flange comparisons are listed.

Download the BETE DUR O LOK® Brochure (PDF - 900 KB)

Visit the Dur O Lok website

Fire Protection
Fire Protection Nozzles This guide will help you select the correct spray characteristics for your needs. Deluge spraying, water curtains, shipboard systems and fire protection in enclosed or tight areas are among the applications presented.

Download the BETE Fire Protection Brochure (PDF - 1.4MB)

  Food Industry
This manual helps you identify nozzles that are best suited to your food processing needs including washing, sanitizing, lubricating, and drying during the packaging or bottling process.

Download the BETE Food Industry Brochure (PDF - 456KB)

  Pollution Control
This eight page guide is indispensable to anyone involved in pollution control and the utility and cogeneration industries.

Download the BETE Pollution Control Brochure (PDF - 1.8MB)
  Pulp & Papermaking
This guide highlights the best shower nozzles and spray heads for your pulp mill, wood room, fourdrinier or finishing and converting plant. Featured are nozzles for use in cogeneration, odor control and cooling ponds.

Download the Pulp & Papermaking brochure (PDF - 2MB).

  Steel Industry
Information for coke making, sinter plants, blast furnaces, caster mills, hot strip mills, steckel mills, plate mills, tandem mills, galvanizing or tinning line, continuous pickling or power generation applications are included in this brochure.

Download the Steel Industry Brochure (PDF - 625KB).


Download PDFs:

Need help selecting a nozzle? Use one of our intake sheets:

Retractable Lance Instructions (PDF - 3.2 MB)

BETE Spray Lance Design Intake Sheet (PDF - 550 KB)

BETE Application Intake Sheet (PDF - 44 KB)

BETE Retractable Lance Inquiry Sheet (PDF - 336 KB)

BETE MaxiPass Lance Design Sheet (PDF - 215 KB)

BETE MaxiFan Lance Design Sheet (PDF - 235 KB)

BETE FGD inquiry Worksheet (PDF - 87 KB)

BETE Gas Cooling/Quenching Application Data Sheet (PDF - 229 KB)

BETE Spray Drying Application Worksheet (PDF - 49 KB)

BETE Tank Cleaning Inquiry Worksheet (PDF - 348 KB)

Manuals and supplemental product information:

BETE HydroWhirl Orbitor Manual (PDF - 662 KB)

BETE Twist & Dry Assembly Tips (PDF - 182 KB)

BETE Spray Dry Manual (PDF - 290 KB)

BETE FGD Technical Manual (PDF - 1 MB)

BETE Spray Lances (PDF - 125 KB)

BETE Nozzles for Fire Protection (PDF - 25 KB)

Technical information:

BETE Materials by Nozzle Type (PDF - 187 KB)

BETE Accessories (PDF - 48 KB)

BETE Conversions and Equations (PDF - 112 KB)

BETE Spray Coverage (PDF - 154 KB)

BETE Water Flow Data and Flow of Air (PDF - 152 KB)

BETE Engineering Information (PDF - 600 KB)

BETE Engineering Information - Metric Measurements (PDF - 886 KB)


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