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BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading spray nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures
the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles, including Evaporative Cooling Nozzles like the L Spray Nozzle.

Applications for the L nozzle:


Cooling: Evaporative

Duct Control: Air Handling Ducts

Dust Control: Area

Fire Protection: Halon Replacement

Fire Protection: Special


Scrubbing: Conditioning

Washing: Conveyor

L Nozzle

L Spiral Evaporative Cooling Nozzle, Humidification Nozzles, Coating Nozzles, Low Flow Nozzles

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Design Features of the L Evaporative Cooling Nozzle

Spray Pattern of the L Evaporative Cooling Nozzle: Hollow Cone Fog, nearly as fine as P series
Spray Angles: 90° standard (120° by special order)
Flow rates: 0.14 to 3.84 gpm (0.534 to 14.7 L/min)

Standard Materials: Brass, 303 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, and PTFE (L40, L48, L54 not available in PTFE).

Hollow Cone 90°
Hollow Cone 90°

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