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BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading spray nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures
the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles, including Custom Spray Lances and Chemical Injectors.

Custom Spray Lances
Need a custom nozzle on a lance in a hurry?
These dual-nozzle lances were custom designed and manufactured
with special weld procedures and unusual nozzles, all on an expedited
basis to meet the demanding schedule of a petroleum refinery outage.

Custom Spray Lances, Chemical Injectors, and Injection Lances

BETE Spray Analysis and Custom Spray Lances (PDF - 125 KB)

BETE Spray Lance Design Intake Sheet (PDF - 70 KB)

Retractable Lance Instructions (PDF - 3.2 MB)

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BETE takes its ability to provide robust spray nozzles one step further to construct spray assembly fabrications that you can install for immediate use.

Refineries and chemical plants have counted on BETE for decades to supply complete fabricated assemblies, custom designed from the nozzle up. Starting with the process conditions, we recommend the most appropriate nozzle and then incorporate it into an assembly that meets all mechanical design criteria.

BETE works to your requirements, from the most simple to the most complex. Incorporation of client specifications is routine for us, as is design, fabrication, and inspection to code requirements. All design and fabrication work is performed at the same facility, ensuring close coordination through all phases of the process to ensure all mechanical, performance, and inspection requirements are met.

Retractable Spray Injector
Retractable Lance

Common Design Requirements: Common Materials: Mechanical Inspections Performance Inspections

Maintenance without downtime

Retractable Lances

A retractable lance allows you to withdraw your nozzle, isolate it from the process, and then remove it completely for servicing without taking your process offline. Once the nozzle is serviced, cleaned, or inspected; simply reattach it to the system, open the isolation valve, and insert it back into the process. This is often a critical requirement for petrochemical facilities where process outages are costly. For example, certain applications involved in the production of petroleum contain particles that are very erosive. The ability to remove the nozzle for refit while keeping the process online offers a tremendous cost savings.

For smaller size retractable lances, the lance pipe can be inserted and withdrawn manually. For larger sizes, or any size where automation or ease of use is required, BETE offers a robust retraction mechanism that effortlessly moves the lance from extended to inserted and back. A simple cordless drill is all that is required to power the unit, making this design a favorite with maintenance crews. The mechanism is flexible in its configuration; allowing alternate electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic power sources to drive the unit.

Spool Sections
Spool Section

Spool Sections

Complete spray solutions

Just as BETE can provide the lance on which the spray nozzle is installed, BETE can also provide the piping section into which the lance is installed. There are many benefits to single-sourcing all components related to the spray nozzle.

When all the work is done by one facility, there are no miscommunications between contractors about size, orientation, or location of the spray ports. The nozzles can be trial fit into the spool piece as part of the manufacturing process before leaving the factory. This ensures that there are no last minute on-site surprises. BETE provides everything you need from the concept design stage to on-site delivery; right down to the gaskets, studs, and nuts.

BETE provides drop-in solutions in the form of custom spray lances, quills, injection lances, and chemical injectors. Why endure the time and hassle to source pipe, flanges, nozzles, and fittings separately; then coordinate fabrication and articulate test procedures of the assembly, when you can have BETE do it all for you? By using BETE as a single supplier, you can be sure your lance will be correct the first time, every time. Our highly qualified welders are some of the best in the world with extensive experience in welding dissimilar metals and exotic alloys, including hastelloy, nickel, and cobalt alloys. BETE's integrated engineering, quality, and manufacturing departments combine to meet virtually any code, testing, or inspection requirement.

Fabrication is BETE’s specialty, from complex ASME Code compliant fabrications to simple flush pipe and flange assemblies. By using BETE as a single source supplier, you can concentrate on your larger process details knowing that our experience is working for you.

To request a lance, simply send an inquiry with a sketch to BETE Applications Engineers. Use our BETE Spray Lance Design Intake Sheet, and let us turn your hand-drawn sketch into a finished drawing. To ensure the fastest reply, please include in your inquiry all critical dimensions, connection and flange specifications, and any special requirements. If you're not sure what the most appropriate arrangement is for your situation, simply call us and our Applications Engineers can make a recommendation based on their extensive experience.

Retractable Spray Injector
Retractable Lance

Custom BETE Spray Lance Solutions:

Sour Water Injection: TF 24XPN Retractable Spray Lance
Gas Cooling: Custom XAPR Spray Lance Design
Toulene Injection into Process Stream: Special XA Lance Assembly
Tank Washing Lance with Custom Quick-disconnect Connections
Odor Control Scrubbing at Coffee Roasting Company: 4" TF 8 FCN Lance Assembly
Cryogenic Injection of Liquid Nitrogen: Lance assembly with right-angle TFXW
Light Cycle Oil (LCO) Quench of Hydrocarbon Gas Stream: Special MaxiPass Lance
Cooling Water in Refining Regenerator Vessel: Retractable SpiralAir Lances
Material Injection with Co-current Spray: Flanged TF Lance
Venturi Scrubbing: Special 3" SpiralAir Lance
Fluid Injection: Custom Quill Fabrication
Oil Quench in Ethylene Process: MaxiPass 1000N Lance
Coating Centrifugal Casting Molds: 30' XAFF Lance
Gas Cooling, Quenching: Titanium lance with multiple Twist & Dry spray drying nozzles
Geothermal Steam Water Scrubbing: Right-angle lance with WL nozzles on custom manifold
Material Injection: Special Quick-disconnect Lance
Gas Scrubbing at Incineration Facility: SpiralAir lance with quick-disconnects
Flue Gas Quenching: 1 1/2" SpiralAir 2301-B-10
Injection of Liquid Hydrocarbon into Gas Stream: High Turndown Injector

BETE Custom Spray Lances
Bolt on the lance, attach your liquid source,
and connect the solenoid to your control system. Done.

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