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BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading spray nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures
the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles, including Full Cone Nozzles like the MaxiPass® Low Flow Spray Nozzle.

Applications for the
MaxiPass® L nozzle:




Cooling: Deluge

Cooling: Parts

Cooling: Pond

Corrosion Resistance

Disposal: Evaporative


Dust Control: Air Handling Ducts

Dust Control: Area

Fire Protection: Deluge

Fire Protection: Marine

Foam Control

Gas Scrubbing

Large Free Passage

Mist Eliminator Wash


Pollution Control

Scrubbing: Direct Contact

Washing: Conveyor

Washing: Intermittent

MaxiPass Low Flow Full Cone Nozzle

MaxiPass® Low Flow (MPL) Low Flow Maximum Free Passage Full Cone Nozzles

Open Performance Data Table - US units (PDF - 96 KB)
Open Performance Data Table - SI/Metric units (PDF - 76 KB)

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Less Plugging = Less Down Time = Fewer Maintenance Costs

Design Features of MaxiPass L Full Cone nozzle Spray Characteristics of MaxiPass L Full Cone nozzle Spray pattern: Full Cone*
Design pressure 40 psi; Spray pattern data varies with pressure. Please call us with any questions.
*The spray angle of wide and medium angle whirl nozzles is affected by increasing pressure. Contact BETE Applications Engineering when using the MaxiPass L Full Cone nozzle above 40 PSI (3 bar).
Spray Angles: Narrow (N), Medium (M), Wide (W)
Flow rates: 0.12 to 2.03 gpm (0.44 to 7.97 L/min).

Standard Materials: Brass, 303 Stainless Steel, and 316 Stainless Steel

Cutaway - maximum free passage low flow Full Cone spray nozzle
Cutaway View

Full Cone 30° (N)
Full Cone (N)

Full Cone 90° (M)
Full Cone (M)

Full Cone 120° (W)
Full Cone (W)

BETE's new MaxiPass L (MPL) represents the ultimate clog-resistant design with largest free passage available in a Full Cone nozzle. High reliability spray performance under the most difficult conditions. Longer Service Life - Easily handles dirty, contaminated liquids even without filtration system. Robust, Reliable Design - Vanes locked in place.

Conventional low flow whirl nozzles use a whirl-vane element machined from bar stock and have a variety of slots or holes strategically oriented to produce a vortex. Typically the edges of these critically toleranced features are sharp and therefore subject to accelerated corrosion rates. Corrosion of these surfaces removes material and this, in turn, affects spray performance. The smooth surfaces of the s-shaped MaxiPass L vane are less subject to such corrosion, and are made from 316 Stainless Steel, even in nozzles with Brass bodies, giving you extended nozzle lifetime.

In addition to the corrosion protection, the s-shaped MaxiPass L vane, patterned after the patented BETE MaxiPass, offers larger free passage than the vanes of conventional compact axial Full Cone nozzles, improving your process reliability through greater resistance to clogging.

Typical applications for the low flow maximum free passage MaxiPass L nozzle include those that can benefit from longer service life with less maintenance at a lower price, applications with under-filtered fluid, and applications where Full Cone nozzles required with space/size limitations. The MaxiPass L is the latest from BETE, industry's preferred supplier of USA-made spray nozzle solutions since 1950.

Custom MaxiPass L Solutions:
Petroleum Processing: Wash Water Injection
Petroleum Processing: Light Cycle Oil (LCO) Quench of Hydrocarbon Gas Stream
Refining/Chemical Processing: Oil Quench in Ethylene Process
Chemical Processing: Deluge Cooling
Chemical Processing: Distillation Column Distribution
Petroleum Processing: Material Injection
Petroleum Processing: Injection Washing
Petroleum Processing: Material Injection
Petroleum Processing: Wash Water into Gas Stream

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