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BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading spray nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures
the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles, including Stubby Flat Fan Nozzles like the NFS Spray Nozzle.

Application for the NFS nozzle:

Air & Steam


Etching: Electronics

Fire Protection: Water Wall


Washing: Parts

NFS Nozzle

NFS Stubby Flat Fan Nozzle

Open Performance Data Table - US units (PDF - 96 KB)
Open Performance Data Table - SI/Metric units (PDF - 468 KB)

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Design Features of the NFS Stubby Flat Fan Nozzle

Spray Characteristics of the NFS Stubby Flat Fan Nozzle
Spray pattern: Fan
Spray angles: 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° and 120° standard
Flow rates: 0.049 to 295 gpm (0.20 to 951 L/min)

Standard Materials: Brass, 316 Stainless Steel, 303 Stainless Steel, and PVC

Fan 45°
Fan 45°

Fan 120°
Fan 120°

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