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BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading spray nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures
the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles, including Ultra-Wide Full Cone Nozzles like the TF29-180 Spiral Spray Nozzle.

Applications for the TF29-180 nozzle:

Fire Protection: Special

TF29-180 Nozzle

TF29-180 FireBETEr Ultra-Wide Full Cone Spiral Spray Nozzle

Open Performance Data Table - US units (PDF - 174 KB)
Open Performance Data Table - SI/Metric units (PDF - 922 KB)

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Design Features of the TF29-180 FireBETEr Ultra-Wide Full Cone Spiral Spray Nozzle

Spray Characteristics of the TF29-180 FireBeter Ultra-Wide Full Cone Nozzle

Spray Patterns: Circular sheet with maximum coverage and excellent atomization
Spray Angles: 180° extra-wide angle
Flow rates: 3.8 to 110 gpm (12.3 to 355 L/min)

Standard Materials: Brass and 316 Stainless Steel

Full Cone, 180°
Full Cone 180°

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