Improved BETE HydroPulse®

Pneumatically Actuated Spray Nozzles for Precision Applications

September 9, 2020

Improved Spray Performance

BETE’s Pneumatic HydroPulse (PHP) offers the latest innovations in pneumatically actuated spray technology. Such intermittent spraying solutions are ideal for precision coating, lubricating, and moistening applications in Food Processing,Industrial Metals, Building Materials Manufacturing,and other industries –saving valuable spray media while enhancing product quality. Visit the product page for in-depth datasheets, spray pattern videos, and additional information.


Features & Benefits

  • The precise intermittent spray uses liquid pressure as the force for atomization

  • Improves product quality with uniform, repeatable coverage and drip-free performance

  • Interchangeable flat fan, full cone, or hollow cone nozzle tips provide a wide range of spray patterns and volumes to match requirements

  • Pneumatically actuated for crisp on/off spray directly on the target

  • Minimal overspray reduces waste and maintains a clean, safe environment

  • Straight through porting for fluid recirculation

  • Options include hygienic connections and mounting brackets