Fire Hydrant Wash Station Spray Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 079
Application #071498
Industry: Fire Protection
Application: Fire Hydrant Wash Station
Product Description: 3/4" NCK (NCM0706K-30)


A BETE customer was designing an emergency wash down station that could be attached to a fire hydrant and they were looking for nozzles to distribute the water spray. The station would be easily transported and connected to the fire hydrant to provide a place where an emergency wash down can take place in situations such as fire, chemical, and other hazardous material situations.


BETE Applications Engineers recommended mounting four 3/4" NCM0706K-30 nozzles on a manifold that was designed to easily attach to the fire hydrant. The small angle, full cone NCK nozzles provided good coverage, water projection, and scrubbing effect.

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