Moistening Dough Spray Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 110
Application #080167
Industry: Food Processing
Application: Moistening Dough
Product Description: 1/8" XAPF 050B


A manufacturer of automated bakery and pastry machines required nozzles to improve the performance of their dough preparation equipment. Water needed to be applied to the dough in order to ensure that the proper moisture level was maintained throughout the process, which spanned cutting to baking.


BETE Applications Engineers specified four (4) of the 1/8"XAPF050B flat fan air atomizing nozzles. Since the dough sheet was moving under the nozzles, a flat fan spray pattern would provide the most even and complete coverage. The internal mix air and fluid cap arrangement produces the finest possible droplet size, which enhances droplet adherence and evenness of the coating. These XAs include the manual shut-off (B) hardware, which allows operators to conveniently turn the water off directly at the nozzle. The XA series is offered in 300 series stainless steel, ideal for food processing applications.

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