Tank Washing Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 064
Application #070182
Industry: Food Processing
Application: Tank Washing
Product Description: Special CLUMP with Increased Spray Range


A food processing company needed a nozzle to wash a 15' (4.6 m) diameter, 30' (9.1 m) tall cylindrical tank. The tank is filled with a glucose solution in which they did not want to submerge the nozzles. Minimal space was left for the nozzle because the liquid level reaches very close to the top of the tank.


Because of the tank geometry and liquid level, a nozzle would need to be designed to reach different distances depending on the area of the tank to be cleaned. Fortunately, BETE CLUMP tank washing nozzles are easily customizable for non-spherical tanks. A special version of the CLUMP was designed to provide optimal coverage. Wide angle, 120° MaxiPass® (MP) nozzles were used at the top of the manifold where the CLUMP would be very close to the contacted tank area. 90° MaxiPass nozzles would be used for the 3 bottom nozzles as usual, but a fourth 60° MaxiPass was added to spray straight down. This fourth bottom nozzle reinforced the coverage far down in the tank.

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