Pond Cooling Nozzles for Rum Distillary

Custom Solutions Bulletin 113
Application #091869
Industry: Food Processing
Application: Pond Cooling
Product Description: TH Nozzles with Junction Boxes


A distiller of rum needed to cool process water in their distillery. They wanted to construct a cooling pond with a total capacity of 1760 gpm (6662 L/min) and had an available pressure of 7.5 psi (0.52 bar). The customer wanted to use right angle tangential nozzles because of their large free passage.


Using the BETE estimated trajectory program, Applications Engineering was able to estimate the coverage of a 2"THF8516 spraying upward at 7.5 psi to be approximately a 40' (6.1 m) diameter. This meant that the nozzle spacing would need to be 40' (6.1 m) to prevent the patterns from overlapping. Using 12 junction boxes with 4 nozzles each arranged as shown, worked out to a 6 x 8 nozzle array. Because clean water was being sprayed, brass was chosen as the material of construction for economic reasons.

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