Area Misting Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 068
Application #061065
Industry: Food Processing
Application: Area Misting
Product Description: XASR Used for Misting Sanitizing Spray


A BETE customer sent in a photo of a tomato sanitizer he had seen at another location because he was trying to determine which BETE misting nozzle to purchase. The nozzle sprayed a very small amount, about 0.5 gal/h (2 L/h), of sanitizing solution onto sliced tomatoes in packages before they were sealed and shipped.


The customer had seen our XASR nozzle with a manual shut-off. This is a very simple method of spraying a sanitizing solution onto the product. Because it is a siphon-type misting nozzle, the only pressure that needs to be supplied to the nozzle is air pressure. The manual shut-off of the BETE XASR nozzle allows for a clean shut-off, with no dripping.

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