Material Injection​ Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 065
Application #061490
Industry: Petroleum Processing
Application: Material Injection
Product Description: Flanged TF Lance


A BETE customer requested a quote for injection nozzles. The spray was to be co-current, centered in a 12" (300 mm) process line. The specification called for a 10" (250 mm) flanged connection. The purpose of this spray was to cool the process fluid through evaporation of the injected water.


BETE routinely creates custom products when the need arises, and this request was no exception. After debating the possibility of reducing the connection to something smaller, it was decided that it would make more sense to leave it, as this would allow easy installation of the nozzle, as well as require no changes to the specification. The lance drawings were approved by the customer, and they purchased two different nozzles, one with a TF10FCN tip and one with a TF14FCN tip.

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