Gas Cooling Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 075
Application #071216
Industry: Utilities
Application: Gas Cooling
Product Description: Special Two-tipped XA Body


A BETE customer was operating two XA 00 set-ups within a 4" pipe both pointing in the same direction to cool the gas flowing through the pipe. The customer was interested in combining the two set-ups into one body that has two tips facing the same direction with only one water and one air connection. The body must be small enough to allow the gas to flow around it in the pipe.


The size limitation imposed by the 4" pipe meant that no current standard set-up could be used or lightly modified. A new body was created that resembles the XA05 body, which has mounts for two tips on one axis while the single air and water inlets are on a perpendicular axis. The body diameter and length is 2" (50.8 mm) with ¼" NPT connections.

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