Wet Debarking Nozzles

Remove bark from logs prior to pulping

BETE is a trusted international supplier for high-quality, custom nozzles across many industries, including pulp and paper mills. Our nozzles are built to be reliable even under the high pressures needed to spray water with enough force for wet debarking.
Our SPN, NFH, and BJH series of nozzles are designed and built for precise spraying of high pressure liquids and can be easily fitted to your existing production process.

This process is capable of producing a cleaner pulp the dry debarking and is commonly used in high end pulp production, such as producing high brightness TCF bleached sulphite pulps. Wet debarking also has the advantage of being able to debark dried trees where dry debarking needs relatively fresh trees to operate effectively.

Selecting a Wet Debarking Nozzle:

Important factors to consider:

  • Required impact to remove the bark
  • Required coverage
  • Available nozzle mounting locations
  • Available/required flow rates
  • Available pressure drop (∆P) across the nozzle
    • ∆P = supply pressure at nozzle inlet - process pressure outside nozzle
  • Ease of nozzle maintenance/replacement
  • Our experienced engineers can help determine which nozzle will perform as required with your design details