Nozzles for the Electronics Industry

BETE provides a wide range of custom nozzles for many common processes in the electronics industry. BETE nozzles are useful for etching, stripping, coating, rinsing, coating, and drying. A wide selection of materials are available to ensure process compatibility, including plastics for corrosive applications along with stainless steels and nickel alloys for almost any environment. We specialize in designing and manufacturing quality nozzles that help electronics manufacturers to continue to develop and refine their manufacturing processes.

Contact us today to speak with our experienced sales personnel or engineers and we can help you find the best nozzle solution for your needs, be it from our line of standard products or a custom solution. BETE personnel will use their extensive experience, coupled with specific analysis tools, to size the right nozzle for optimal performance in your situation. Our team provides prompt delivery and service along with real technical, engineering, and problem solving advice.

Common Nozzle Applications in the Electronics Industry

Tank, Drum, Tote, and Component Washing

Air Blow-off

  • Dust or particulate blow off from circuit boards or components

Flux Coating

  • Applying flux to wires or circuit boards for soldered connections


  • Spray acid coatings for etching of circuit boards
  • Rinsing of components and equipment after etching


  • Controlling humidity and temperature of air going into environments such as clean room where electronic components are being manufactured, or server rooms running large quantities of electronics
  • Humidification of test chambers for product corrosion/life cycle testing

Rain Simulation

  • Simulate rain of various intensities to test electronics and electronic enclosures for water tightness