Nozzles for the Snowmaking Industry

snow.jpgTo extend and improve snow conditions, snow is often made by spraying water in a cold environment, growing a snow crystal, and then blowing the resulting snow where it is desired. The water sprayed from an atomizing nozzle creates a fog of tiny water droplets and these micro drops quickly freeze to form the nucleus of a snowflake. Secondary nozzles are used to generate slightly larger water droplets that adhere and freeze to the nucleus created by the spray from the primary nozzle. These secondary nozzles do not need as fine atomization. Compressed air and/or fans are used to distribute the snow crystals from the snow gun onto the desired area.

BETE offers a variety of nozzles which are useful for snowmaking operations, including an assortment of nozzles which can be used as nucleators and bulk spray nozzles on snow guns. Our nozzles are built and designed in-house to ensure that they are reliable and able to handle whatever load you throw at them. We strive to provide nozzles that spray with the finest and most consistent atomization possible.

Contact us today to speak with our experienced sales personnel or engineers and we can help you find the best nozzle solution for your needs, be it from our line of standard products or a custom solution. BETE personnel will use their extensive experience, coupled with specific analysis tools, to size the right nozzle for optimal performance in your situation. Our team provides prompt delivery and service along with real technical, engineering, and problem solving advice.

Common Nozzle Applications in the Snowmaking Industry

Fan Guns

  • These types utilize an industrial fan to help project the droplets further distances
    • There is typically one nucleator nozzle just downstream of the fan blades
  • On the outside of the tube design are hydraulic-type nozzles
    • Depending on design they could be flat fan or full cone nozzles


  • Air Atomizing
    • Internal Mix: These types of nozzles mix compressed air and pressurized water inside the body of the nozzle just upstream of the orifice
    • External Mix: These types of nozzles mix compressed air and pressurized water outside the body of the nozzle just downstream of the orifice
  • Misting
    • These are normal hydraulic nozzles utilizing liquid pressure only in order to atomize the water.
    • Typically, these nozzles require higher liquid pressures

Tower Guns

  • These utilize a nucleator at the base of the set up, often with low flow flat fan nozzles or full cone nozzles to help with adding “bulk” to the snow making process