Fire Protection Nozzles for Every Application

July 30, 2008

What is the most effective design of a fixed fire protection system? In general terms, this is a difficult - in fact, impossible - question to answer, because it depends on exactly what's being protected. It is easy to appreciate that an off-shore oil platform, for example, presents a very different problem to a restaurant kitchen.

But whatever the application, there is one device which is, almost always, not only part of the protection system but which plays a critical role. The right design of this device can mean the difference between poor and highly effective performance - yet it is often taken for granted. It is the spray nozzle.

Of interest to system designers is the N nozzle, which is designed specifically for critical fire and explosion suppression applications.

Performance characteristics include:

  • Sprays composed of droplets 30% to 50% smaller than conventional designs at equivalent pressures
  • Extraordinarily large surface area of spray enhances evaporation and cooling
  • Multiple concentric cone spray, unique to spiral pattern, maximizes contact

BETE Fire Protection Nozzle Experience:

Since our inception in 1950, we have been recognized as an expert in the fire protection industry. Our high-performance nozzles continue to be the premier choice for offshore drilling and production platforms; petroleum storage and transfer stations; LNG tanks; and in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Product Performance:

Our wide range of fire protection nozzles meet industry approvals - U.S. Coast Guard, Factory Mutual System, Underwriters Laboratories and Lloyd's Register - and are considered to be the standard for critical spraying applications. We take advantage of the latest developments in materials technology and continue to work with companies to create the most efficient fire protection nozzles.

Engineering Expertise:

Our proven success is a result of our ability to find creative solutions to difficult spraying challenges. Our Applications Engineers can apply their years of expertise to recommend a nozzle design to deliver the specific spray performance necessary for your fire protection requirements. Our state-of-the-art spray laboratory is designed to provide a wide range of testing capabilities to accommodate emerging industry trends.

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