Impingement Spray Nozzles

An impingement nozzles sprays and distributes liquid by impacting it on a pin immediately as it exits the orifice, this deflects the fluid onto the surface of your choosing.

The BETE team can select an impingement nozzle that delivers the performance you need for particular spray applications that need a small liquid drop size: applications such as coating, gas quenching, humidification, odor control and viscous liquid mixing.

What BETE nozzles are considered Impingement?

Impingement Nozzle Design Specifications and Frequently Asked Questions

The nozzle has an impingement pin immediately after fluid orifice, to scatter the liquid.

Impingement nozzles produce a medium spray angle and a relatively small coverage area (10” - 60” spray diameter).

BETE’s impingement nozzles create the finest fog of any direct pressure nozzle, from 25-500 microns.

The pin is susceptible to damage, so the nozzle is not suitable for a rough environment or harsh contact with product.
The nozzle has one-piece construction.

  • If you need area misting, this nozzles provide the widest coverage of misting nozzles.
  • It produced the fines drop size of any direct pressure nozzle. The small droplet size can increase process efficiency and is widely used for gas cooling and material injection.

The BETE design team has decades of experience with helping customers around the world find the perfect nozzle solution for their custom applications. Our spray nozzle engineers can work with you to find the best nozzle for the requisite flow rate, spray angle, and nozzle material for the range of temperatures and pressures you depend upon.