Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles

Air atomizing nozzles atomize fluids by creating a very fine spray. Liquid and compressed air (gas) are used to produce a mist of atomized liquid at low pressures. Air atomizing is ideal for:

  • Coating, cooling, humidifying
  • Gas cooling
  • Lubricating, moistening
  • Misting, fogging

For decades, BETE has been at the forefront of nozzle design and manufacturing. Our experienced engineers can create a custom air atomizing nozzle to optimize your specific business process.

What BETE nozzles are considered Air Atomizing?

Air Atomizing Nozzle Design Specifications and Frequently Asked Questions

  • BETE air atomizing nozzles are designed to use the energy of two fluids, atomizing gas (usually air) and liquid, to spray liquid into the smallest possible drop size.
  • Our air atomizing, two-fluid nozzles are available in a range of spray patterns, flow rates, mixing designs and special connections.

Spray angles vary depending on pattern type and nozzle series:

  • 60-90° for flat fan patterns.
  • 10-90° for cone patterns.

Drop size will vary. Average drop size will vary 5-300µm.

  • Operating pressure for air is 10.00100.00 psi.
  • Liquid operating pressure is 10.00150.00 psi.
  • XA nozzle: 0.20306.00 gpm
  • SA nozzle: 0.3357.00 gpm
  • SAM nozzle: 0.7047.00 gpm

The XA series offers a variety of additional options:

  • Cleanout shut-off options are available.
  • Mounting hardware including custom flanged assemblies can also be included.

The SpiralAir series has a variety of options including custom flanged assemblies.

  • If you have low pressure and a smaller drop size is needed that cannot be achieved with a single fluid nozzle, an air atomizing nozzle is the perfect choice.
  • When a viscous fluid needs to be sprayed/atomized that cannot be sprayed with a single fluid nozzle, an air atomizing design is the best option.

BETE makes thousands of spray nozzles, and most of them are specially made to our customer’s specific needs. Contact us for a customized spray nozzle design solution.