Spray Drying Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 008
Application #031343
Industry: Food Processing
Application: Spray Drying
Product Description: Knife-Edge Twist & Dry (TD) Carrier


A dairy processor was experiencing buildup on the nose of the standard Twist & Dry carrier while spray drying a high fat content product. Buildup needs to be prevented in this type of application because if the buildup dries when exposed to the hot air, there is a risk of combustion within the drying unit.


The reasons behind this type of buildup are complex and largely related to the air flow within the dryer. To avoid the buildup, BETE Applications Engineers modified an existing Twist & Dry carrier design to arrive at the "knife-edge" carrier #10 nose design (the lugless version is carrier #12). The knife-edge carrier tapers down to form a sharp ridge at the tip. The conventional Twist & Dry carrier design has a flat face. The new knife-edge design is typically for use in high fat content dairy applications, such as whole milk and etc. The knife-edge carrier design significantly reduces product buildup, thus reducing the risk of combustion.

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