Fire Protection Spray Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 040
Application #050739
Industry: Fire Protection
Application: Fire Protection
Product Description: Special Nozzle Coating


A prominent business in Las Vegas, NV, invested heavily in terraced landscaping around a new complex. Fireworks are a regular occurrence in the area and, due to the very dry conditions in Nevada, they were concerned about sparks landing in the vegetation and igniting a fire. A fire would create a very hazardous situation and cost the company a considerable amount of money. Aesthetics are very important in this city, and so any solution had to be virtually invisible to casual passers-by.


Fire control and suppression nozzles are a staple of BETE's product line with our N series nozzle. Complete with FM, UL, Lloyd's, and Coast Guard approvals for fire protection, they are used extensively in industry. The N series optionally comes with a cylindrical blow off cover that protects the nozzle when not in use and hides the spiral from view. A sample of a spiral nozzle with a blow-off cover was sent to the customer for evaluation with covers made from brass. The performance of the nozzle was excellently matched for the service, but the metallic glint from the covers was still visible in the foliage. The customer inquired as to other materials from which the covers could be constructed. BETE Design Engineers struck on the idea of using the standard brass cover but adding an olive drab coating. This method worked very well and the customer purchased 400 of them. The nozzles were installed and are currently in service. The facility now produces its fireworks shows as scheduled.

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