Paint Spraying Nozzles with Shut-Off Adapter

Custom Solutions Bulletin 025
Application #050923
Industry: Manufacturing
Application: Paint Spraying
Product Description: Single Fluid Automatic Shut-Off Adapter


A BETE customer needed to apply a paint mark to his product to note completion of a fabrication step. He wanted a small mark with sharp edges and "dabbing" the mark on was not acceptable. The marking process would be automated, so a nozzle with its own shut off would be required.


BETE offers an automated shut-off nozzle in the form of the XA air atomization series, however, in normal operation, the XA nozzles produce a mist that would not produce a distinctive mark. An XA nozzle could have been used without air, but this would have been economically wasteful to the customer. BETE Applications Engineers realized that the complex XA body could be replaced with a simple Tee pipefitting. Standard components were assembled into a prototype for hands on testing with very encouraging results. BETE Design Engineers made slight adjustments to the air cylinder adapter, and interior sealing surface of the nozzle. These new components were machined in-house by the following day and tested with perfect operation. A working sample for engineering evaluation was shipped to the customer. To date, the adapter has been tested with 1/8" NF fan and straight jet nozzles, with future testing planned for P and TF-style nozzles.

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