Mixing Spray Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 046
Application #060263
Industry: Agriculture
Application: Mixing
Product Description: Miniature eductor nozzle with weld prep


An agricultural sprayer manufacturer needed to keep a mixture of chemicals in their sprayer tank homogeneous to get the most effective use of the chemicals being sprayed. The problem was that the number of straight stream nozzles needed to effectively keep the mixture uniform required too much pumping power and there was not enough energy left to spray the chemicals on the crops. In addition, whatever solution was going to be proposed would need to fit through a hole that was only 2-1/8" (5.4 cm). 


BETE Applications Engineers knew the solution was to mix the chemicals with less energy. In collaboration with our territory representative, BETE Applications Engineering designed and fabricated a miniature eductor welded to a 1-1/2" diameter tube and mounted in the tank using 12 each of the mini eductors welded to each tube. The resulting design was able to not only mix the chemicals more efficiently, but be manufactured economically as well.

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