Material Injection Spray Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 055
Application #061571
Industry: Chemical Processing
Application: Material Injection
Product Description: Wall Mount WL Nozzle


A BETE customer had been purchasing 1/8" WLs in PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) for some time. They were fabricating their own PTFE wall mount adapter for their process. While this work-around was satisfactory, they really wanted the nozzle/adapter to be of one-piece construction so that there was no risk of the nozzle falling into the process.



BETE routinely creates custom products when the need arises. Wall-mounted nozzles are common. The customer had created a preliminary drawing of what they were looking for. BETE Design Engineers then designed a custom PTFE wall mount adapter for the WL nozzle based on the customer's initial drawing.

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