Combustion Nozzles​

Custom Solutions Bulletin 069
Application #070350
Industry: Petrochemical Processing
Application: Combustion
Product Description: Special 3/8" WL


A BETE customer called Applications Engineering looking for a custom nozzle that he did not see in the catalog. He needed a nozzle with an outside diameter of 7/8" (22 mm) to flow 3.75 gpm of naphtha at 130 psi (14.2 L/min at 9 bar) with a 60° hollow cone spray pattern.

The tip would need to be chamfered at 45° so that it would fit flush up against the inlet port of their proprietary system. The nozzle would also need to have wrench flats for ease of installation. The purpose of the nozzle was to introduce the naphtha into a vessel for combustion.


BETE Applications Engineering proposed a special 3/8" WL-1.8 60H that performed exactly to the customer's requirements. The Sauter Mean Diameter (D32) was 200 microns at these conditions. This was in the range that the customer needed for optimal performance of their system.

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