Sea Net Washing Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 078
Application #071432
Industry: Utilities
Application: Washing
Product Description: 1/2" NF 60-50


A power generation company came to BETE with the objective of finding high pressure washing nozzles to clean sea nets which keep out unwanted objects from their processing stations. The customer has several submerged plastic sea nets that are tubular in shape. These nets collect organic materials and marine organisms while underwater for several months and these organic materials and marine organisms must be removed. Since the washing fluid is seawater, therefore the nozzle material must not degrade when in contact with the washing fluid.


BETE Application Engineers recommended the use of several 1/2" NF60 nozzles arranged in a U-shaped pattern. The plastic sea nets will be lifted from under the water and passed through the nozzle U-shaped nozzle array to remove the unwanted materials. A 50° spray angle was selected to optimize spray coverage and impact pressure. The NF series is available in several notable salt water resistant materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyvinylchloride (PVC), and bronze.

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