Wash Water Injection Nozzles

Custom Solutions Bulletin 101
Application #081018
Industry: Petrochemical Processing
Application: Wash Water Injection
Product Description: TH, WTZ, RAWL


A BETE customer inquired about several wash water injection nozzles. Wash water injection points are located in several areas of the refinery process. Injecting wash water into the crude oil scrubs the crude of salt and other solid particles that would cause corrosion and wear further in the system if not removed. The crude oil is washed as the first step of the refinery process, often right before the distillation tower. Further in the process there may be other wash water injection points for washing vapor and gas streams of any residual solid particles. The nozzles are inserted into the stream perpendicular to the flow but then spray co-currently with the flow direction. As space is a large concern, compact right-angle nozzle designs are requested. The construction of the nozzles should also be of a corrosion and wear-resistant material.


BETE TH, WTZ, and right-angle WL (RAWL) nozzles provide a smaller clearance diameter compared to a standard nozzle mounted on a 90° elbow. The nozzles are available in Nickel Alloys that provide superior corrosion and wear resistance. BETE will also manufacture the full lance assembly to provide the customer with one stop shopping.

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