1. HydroWhirl Orbitors Save Time and Money

Industry: Chemical Processing
Application: Tank Washing


A manufacturer of specialty chemical additives primarily for use in catalytic chemical reactions was using a manually operated high-pressure wash to clean their tanks and was looking to modify this process to improve worker safety and decrease the amount of time required for effective cleaning.

Manually cleaning the open top tanks took about 45-60 min/tank and exposed the operator to steam. The residue inside the tank is the consistency of yogurt or paste and accumulates on the interior of the mixing tank at thicknesses of 6” on the sidewalls to 16” at the conical bottom.


The customer installed the HydroWhirl Orbitor in the 10’ diameter, 13’ tall tanks about 1/3 from the inside diameter (ID), 180 degrees apart, and about 6” above the mixing paddles. There are zee-shaped baffles in four places around the ID that support steam lines. 

Initially skeptical, the customer found that once installed, the HydroWhirl Orbitor cleaned the tanks more effectively: saving about 2500 hr/year and eliminating the danger of exposing workers to steam. The customer was able to automate the cleaning cycle and keep the HydroWhirl Orbitor installed for Clean-In-Place convenience. The powerful, high-impact machines reliably clean their tanks, have been easy to use, and require very little maintenance. The HydroWhirl Orbitor proved itself to be a valuable process improvement.

HydroWhirl Orbitor advantages:
  • High impact cleaning
  • Sanitary finish for food and beverage applications
  • Saves you time AND money!
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