Application Bulletins

Innovative spray nozzle design is a BETE hallmark. We are proud that over 60% of our nozzles we ship are customized to meet your needs.

Injection of Water into Engine Manifold

Dust Suppression


High Pressure Shaft Wall Wash Ring

Fire Hydrant Wash Station

Fire Protection

Roof-mounted Sprinkler System

Material Injection


Cooling Tunnels

Deluge Fire Protection

Fire Protection - Water Wall

Gas Cooling

Light Cycle Oil (LCO) Quench

Material Injection

Mitigate HF in the Event of a Leak


Wash Water Injection

Wash Water into Gas Stream

Tank Washing

Parts Washing

Gas Turbine Cooling

Alcohol Spray System Design

Fluid Injection

Other Scrubbing

Oil Quench in Ethylene Process

Effects of Ice on Wind Turbines

Air Blow-off

Aqueous Ammonia Injection for Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)

Gas Cooling

High Impact Washing

Injecting Liquid Hydrocarbon into Gas Stream

Material Injection (Purify Lake Water)

Seawater Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)


Rainwater Distribution

Distribution onto Filter Media

High Impact Washing