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Intermittent spraying solutions are ideal for precision coating, lubricating, and moistening applications in Food Processing, Building Materials Manufacturing, and any other industry looking to save resources and improve product quality. BETE nozzle designs and spray technology come in a  range of air actuated and electrically actuated automatic nozzles, and offer precise dosing for a variety of spray media, including air-atomizing options for operations that require finely atomized sprays.

BETE Spray Process Solutions Benefits

• Precision volume sprays directly on the target 
• Reduced waste and minimal overspray maintain
    a clean, safe environment 
• Uniform coverage 
• Each nozzle is capable of a wide range of flow rates 

Intermittent Spraying Nozzles for Precision Coating Applications | Hygienic Food Grade Design


HydroPulse® Automatic Spray Nozzles

BETE’s electric actuated HydroPulse Spray Nozzles assure precision volumes of expensive ingredients and compounds are sprayed directly onto your processing target, with overspray waste virtually eliminated. Pair with the BETE FlexFlow™ Precision Spray Control System to achieve uniform coverage, even when adjusting your conveyor speed. 

Electric HydroPulse spray nozzles do not require a compressed air source and are capable of cycling on/off up to 150 cycles per second. These features afford the option of using high-frequency cycling known as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to vary the liquid spray flow rate at constant supply pressure with little change in spray performance by adjusting the duty cycle. When the spray cycle is at a high enough freque   ncy, coverage uniformity is maintained because the duration between pulses of spray is short enough to ensure there are no gaps in the spray coverage.  


  HydroPulse - Electric - EHP - Food Grade Hygienic Nozzles

  Liquid inlet connection   ⅛”, NPT or BSPP; or ½” tri-clamp
  Maximum liquid flow rate   1.0 GPM / 3.8 LPM
  Maximum rated pressure   250 PSI / 17 bar
  Thermal insulation class   F (155°C / 311°F)
  Power   9.3W @ 24VDC
  Electrical connector   M8 3-pin
  Maximum cycle frequency     150 cycles/sec
  Nozzle construction

  Stainless steel wetted components,
  Food-Grade Viton® (FKM) seals, hygienic design  

  Interchangeable BJ, BJH, and CW nozzle tip options.*



  HydroPulse - Electric - EHPI - Industrial Nozzles

  Liquid inlet connection   ⅛”, NPT or BSPP
  Maximum liquid flow rate   1.0 GPM / 3.8 LPM
  Maximum rated pressure   300 PSI / 20 bar
  Thermal insulation class   F (311°F / 155°C)
  Power   10.4W @ 24VDC
  Electrical connector   DIN 11mm
  Maximum cycle frequency     50 cycles/sec
  Nozzle construction

  Stainless steel wetted components, Viton® (FKM) seals    

  Interchangeable BJ, BJH, and CW nozzle tip options.*


*Due to pressure loss through the Electric HydroPulse body, the nozzle tip flow rate is different than the standard for each tip.
  Please reference the HydroPulse Electric Datasheet  or HydroPulse Electric Metric Datasheet for a resolved flow rate range.


HydroPulse - Pneumatic

Pneumatic HydroPulse spray nozzles provide a controlled intermittent liquid spray using only liquid pressure as the force for atomization.
It offers a drip-free performance and is pneumatically actuated for crisp on/off precision spray performance.

  HydroPulse - Pneumatic - PHP - Intermittent Nozzles

  Inlet connection

  ¼” NPT or BSPP, liquid; ⅛” NPT or BSPP, 
  cylinder air; ½” or DN10 tri-clamp            

  Maximum flow rate      12.6 GPM / 57.7 LPM
  Maximum rated pressure   600 PSI / 42 bar
  Operating temperature range   -15°F to 400°F / -26°C to 204°C
  Air cylinder pressure   30 PSI to 250 PSI
  Air cylinder operation   Single acting (spring return) or double acting    
  Maximum cycle frequency   3 cycles/sec
  Nozzle construction                                          Stainless steel wetted components,
  Viton® (FKM) seals.
  Interchangeable BJ, BJH, CW and ST nozzle tip options.



Air Atomizing

Air atomizing nozzles use the energy in compressed air or gas to produce finely atomized liquid sprays at relatively low operating pressures. 
  • If you have low pressure and a smaller drop size is needed that cannot be achieved with a single fluid nozzle, an air atomizing nozzle is the perfect choice. 
  • When a viscous fluid needs to be sprayed/atomized that cannot be sprayed with a single fluid nozzle, an air atomizing design is the best option. 


XA Low Flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles 

The XA nozzle system has many interchangeable components that can be assembled to achieve a variety of air atomizing spraying objectives, with a choice of internal or external mix set-ups. 

  XA Air Atomizing Automatic Nozzles - 10 or 11 Body Options

  Liquid inlet connection    ⅛” or ¼” NPT or BSPP, liquid and air
  Maximum liquid  flow rate   72 GPH / 272.5 LPH
  Maximum rated pressure      40 PSI / 2.8 bar
  Operating temperature range     -15°F to 400°F / -26°C to 204°C
  Air cylinder pressure   30 PSI to 250 PSI / 2 bar to 17.2 bar
  Maximum cycle frequency   3 cycles/sec
  Nozzle construction   Nickle plated brass or stainless steel wetted components,
  Blue-Gard gasket, Viton (FKM) seals.  
  Compatible with XAAD, XAEF (pictured), XAER, XAFF, XAPF,
  XAPR, XASF, XASR, and XAXW spray set-ups.  


SAM External Mix Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles

Design Features of the SAM flat fan and narrow round automatic nozzle:
  • Separate atomizing and fan air lines provide variable coverage and fine control of drop size without affecting liquid flow rates. Higher atomizing air pressure           yields finer drop size; higher fan air pressure yields broader patterns. 
  • Removable plug provided for liquid recirculation port 
  • External mix; allows spraying of viscous materials 
  • Liquid flow rates are independent of air 
  • Precise metering of the liquid flow rate 
  • Pneumatically-controlled shut-off and clean-out built in  

  SAM Air Atomizing Automatic Nozzles

  Liquid inlet connection   ⅛” NPT or BSPP; air and liquid
  Maximum liquid flow rate   47 GPH / 178 LPH
  Maximum rated pressure   20 PSI / 1.4 bar
  Operating temperature range     15°F to 400°F / -9°C to 204°C
  Air cylinder pressure   30 PSI to 250 PSI / 2 bar to 17.2 bar
  Maximum cycle frequency   3 cycles/sec
  Nozzle construction   Stainless steelwetted components,  Blue-Gard® gasket, 
  Viton®(FKM) seals
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